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Building an electronic publication shouldn't be as mysterious as it is.

Working on 2e Creative's Holiday Recipe book was one of the greatest learning experiences in regard to a new way of delivering content via popular media devices. In this case a holiday recipe ebook for 2e's closest family, friends and clients. The original plan was not to develop an ebook, but when coming up with ways of creating an interactive component to the beautifully designed and printed book the idea of an electronic publication became a no-brainer. With tablet and ereader popularity on the rise the "cool" factor of an ebook could not be denied. My curiosity into how to develop the format was thus sparked and there was no going back.

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Currently I'm writing up a more detailed short-story on my experience in developing the book by hand for those who are curious. The brief is, anyone with an understanding of HTML, CSS, and XML can build an epub book as they are essentially zipped folders containing just that – xml, css, images, and xhtml files. Look for it here soon.