Trying what others have done.


Seems silly that so many people would take an interest in redesigning something for themselves. What is in question here is the application icon for Sublime Text 2. Perhaps it's "hands-on" nature is what makes customizing everything about it so appealing. The icon is not spared from this. Here is an icon design that I felt suited my needs and reflected the essence of the application. My goal was a unique mark among icon design, out of apathy with everything else and the desire for maximum legibility.

The mark started with a custom tag < s > to stay true to the roots basic markup. All of the other aesthetic influences come from the definition of "sublime."

Generally when researching inspiration for marks I look at the meaning of the words I am designing for. The definitions of Sublime are as follows;

  • Adjective – Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe: "ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous".
  • Verb – (of a solid substance) Change directly into vapor when heated, typically forming a solid deposit again on cooling.

The verb definition appealed me the most because the idea of process is easier to grasp and far less cheesy or expected than the adjective. What I wanted to convey the fact that design, development, and deployment are processes and Sublime Text 2 sits in the middle of this process in relationship to most of my work.

I don't assume this works for everyone because of the level of personalization but it's available for everyone. If you do use and enjoy, it let me know!


Download it here →