My art donated to the For-a-Cause event kicking off Saint Louis Design Week at the Contemporary Art Museum.

My Finished Entry

On Monday, September 21st check out Saint Louis Design Week's inaugural event at the CAM. For-a-Cause is an annual event put on by AIGA STL featuring works of art by local artists that are actioned off to raise money for a specific organization doing good. See my piece of art for last year's Foodstock Art Party and website design and build. This year the event and auction proceeds will benefit CAM’s teen education programs, including New Art in the Neighborhood, ArtReach, and Teen Museum Studies. Each artist has been asked to create a custom skate deck as part of the theme for the night. Here's a sneak peek of my custom skate deck donation. Check out this and more decks on Monday, September 21st.

The Board Raw
Material #1 - Sycamore Tree Bark
Material #2 - Bird Feathers
View the other boards on AIGA STL's Flickr Photostream.

It's taken quite a while to find a purposeful solution to reusing old bike tubes I've acquired over 3 years of biking.

The backing and seat on this old chair had lost their function as they had stretched and ripped. Replacing them with old bike tubes as straps is turning out to be the best no brainer idea I've had in a while. As I write I'm sitting on the chair now and it is way more comfortable now and is providing more support than the chair ever had before.

The materials I replaced

After watching Elliott play with his first set of toys I tried a smaller and modular set toys.

In this revision I decided to create something smaller and lighter that he could hold in his hand. The textured and brightly colored surface is intended to make a desirable object appealing to sight and touch. Each object is embedded, securely, with 6 magnets allowing for a combination of structures that can be built and taken apart. While this concept may be a bit advanced for him at his age he was very excited and surprised when he found he was able to pull previously built structures apart.

Interactive art pieces created specifically for play. Each piece has unique contents that create different noises when shaken. This is a first attempt and after watching my nephew play with them there are some refinements in the works!