This generative art piece uses Flash and ActionScript 3 to track motion via a webcam and draw a dynamic illustration based on that motion it detects. It was commissioned for the AIGA Saint Louis Annual Meeting but wasn't able to be viewed at the event. View it here.

View the piece here. Please note it requires Flash Player and webcam or built-in iSight.

View it here →

This is the first piece of generative art I've created that tracks motion (compared to the starring as3 visualizer that was reactive to sound).

When I started researching coding methods there were many resources to try to follow but the best example I found was that of Soulwire Art + Technology's webcam motion tracker. If you are interested in the code and methodology, as well as some other very interesting art and technology examples, check it out there.

The reason I used flash was that I could deploy the project more efficiently on such a quick turn-around. In the future it would be interesting to look into Kinect and other programming languages.